preserve the bowliverse!

from my little bowl, i noticed this week that the paternal grandfather of the next archbishop of canterbury, the rt rev justin welby, was the uk naturalised german jew bernard weiler who changed his surname to welby at the outbreak of world war one

the haste with which he has been appointed becomes clear when one compares it with the delay in choosing a new chief rabbi … he has been under active consideration for both positions, and the church of england wanted to get him first

however, it is not too late ° as archbishop, his busy day will be sunday ° he will be free to change from minhag anglica to minhag anglia on friday nights and saturdays

(weddings are not a problem ° archbishops do not officiate at weddings, except for those of members of the royal family, which tend not to be at weekends anyway)

i see that it is only a matter of days before he is appointed arch-rabbi of britain and the commonwealth ° just as the head of the church of england (hm the queen) becomes head of the church of scotland whenever she enters scotland (and queen of canada whenever she enters canada), so the archbishop will become arch-rabbi whenever he enters a synagogue

i see this job-sharing as the start of further economies, both in personnel and buildings ° churches and synagogues will gradually be replaced by preach-easies which at the press of a button will convert from one faith to the other ° press once, and the cross will disappear ° press again, it will reappear, but the prayer for the royal family will be gone ° the ten commandments, of course, can stay

i do not see his patrilineal descent being a problem ° he will be appointed as an inclusive arch-rabbi, representing even those synagogues for whom matrilineal descent is not essential

his position as head of more than one religion will make him an emperor-pope, senior even to the roman catholic pope, or the eastern orthodox patriarch ° i see britain (and the commonwealth) becoming the centre of the religious world ° a new jerusalem without conflict or controversy

i see the flag of st john and the flag of st johns wood waving as one

i see the holy spirit and the ruach kodesh, easter and passover, pentecost and shavuot, christmas and succot, uniting together on the throne of lambeth palace

i see the lambevitcher rebbe preaching to all mankind, in all tongues, and for all time

i see a lot from my little bowl! null


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