preserve the bowliverse!

why a duck?

from my little bowl, i have noticed with alarm that ducks appear to be taking over the world ° although they seem to float motionless in midstream, under the surface they are frantically paddling as fast as they can

israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu has finally spoken out against this yellow menace ° iran has for years been developing its fast breeder program ° what need does it have for such a program unless it is trying to evolve a new duck more powerful than we can imagine?

soon, the days when we could defend ourselves against ducks will be gone ° the sitting ducks that we see are only a decoy ° soon iran will have evolved ducks that can live underground, protected from all predators ° the world ignores the signs ° the world understands global warming, it understands monetary inflation, but it does not understand, why a duck?

as churchill said: “why a duck, why not a chicken? we shall not flinch, we shall not duck, some chicken, some duck, but we shall be ready!”

the west too has entered the duck race ° wikibeaks has revealed that members of the british parliament have created floating duck-houses paid for secretly out of government funds

the signs have been visible for those with eyes to see ° as long ago as the thirties, the ducks were on the wall, but we all ignored them ° let us not forget the story of the boy who cried “duck!”

the nuclear duck is a threat not only to fish but to the whole world ° let us take action now to stop these hideous mutations! ° let us not wait until iran has all its ducks in a row! ° let us not duck the issue, the duck is the issue!

the choice is ours ° i see a future in which ducks shall rule the world ° but i also see a future in which the duck shall lie down with the orange, and a little child shall eat them!

i see a lot from my little bowl!


Comments on: "why a duck?" (2)

  1. Very cute. Love it. We should worry about ducks more, I’ve always thought so.

  2. I’ll be sharing this having a few friends who might be thinking about this. You’d be shocked how a lot of people are in search of one thing like this. Thanks for posting this for us. more

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